Research Agenda

The rise of the internet gave customers an unprecedented access to many different sources of information before making any purchase decision. At the same time, it presented firms with novel possibilities to engage with potential customers and market their products across new channels. However, these same opportunities also created novel risk exposures to customers, firms and investors.

Gabriela Alves Werb advocates that the marketing discipline should embrace a much more active role in risk management practices, such that risks associated with marketing activities are fully taken into account. Her goal is to contribute to this paradigm shift with her research by:

(i) raising public awareness of the risks associated with marketing activities; and

(ii) increasing the existing knowledge on how to measure, disclose and mitigate such risks.

research agenda stakeholders

Her research agenda is articulated around three main stakeholders, namely customers, firms and investors.

Her current research projects investigates how marketing activities in the context of search engines and online marketplaces may expose these stakeholders to new risks.

Ongoing Research Projects

Research Reports

Visibility in Organic Search: Why Should Managers and Investors Care about It?, E-Finance Lab Quarterly 03/2019, EFL - The Data Science Institute